Key Selection Criteria

Differentiated technology

The founder must have an idea that is unique and clearly defined. Pivots are expected; however, to be accepted the founder must have a compelling elevator pitch.

Initial traction in the market

Applicant must have completed or enrolled in customer discovery class and or have early customers willing to test or pay for the product. Waiver of class requirement by permission of incubator staff only.

Potential to scale

Startups must have potential to scale to at least $1M in annual recurring revenue and or have secured series A funding within 3 years.


At least one person must be working on the startup full time.


Willingness to seek and accept advice, mentoring, and to meet with incubator staff and mentors on a regular basis.


Willingness to establish and share clearly defined milestones and metrics to measure success at each stage.


Willingness to become an active member of the incubator community by participating in events and interacting with other members and mentors.

X Factor

Company brings a unique skill set or technology that will help to build the incubator community.