Resident Startups

Eventeny is an enterprise event management platform for festival and convention organizers to easily transact and manage their vendors, sponsors, and volunteers.
Fetch provides truck and cargo van rentals by the hour or for the day. Miles and gas are included.
Born out of the idea of connecting the entire outdoor sports & activities community into one place, to buy/sell, discover, socialize, and have fun, The Flow is a community-driven website for the outdoor sports and activities world.
FunelAmplified, Inc. is a one for many digital platform that empowers an individual to easily manage and guide the digital presence of a network of small business owners, solopreneurs and employees, so that each member has a thriving and consistent online presence. 
Meets the demand of individuals and small businesses looking for cost effective dental care. Dental practices offering dental membership plans generate more revenue, increase patient satisfaction, and build more patient loyalty.
Insiten develops comprehensive business solutions for the planning, execution, and tracking of merger and acquisition activities.
Provides independent technology and organizational assessments as well as coaching, mentoring, and technology oversight in order to create high performance software development teams and optimize the software delivery process.
Rojoli provides world class private cloud infrastructure hosting solution for your website, email, business applications and anything you possibly want to host on cloud!
Sanguina was founded in 2014 focused on the development and distribution of simple-to-use and standalone point-of-care blood diagnostics. Our mission is to empower people with simple self-diagnostics.
Local video game industry veterans (CCP/Xaviant) providing software development and design services specializing in the video game industry.
Trellis helps growers maximize crop yields & reduce input costs with its cost effective, easy-to-use soil moisture system.
TruePani is a team of engineers and health professionals providing water testing and clean-tech consulting.
The Zono Sanization Cabinet is your weapon in the fight against infectious disease and viruses.